Wall-mounted panel press

Wall-mounted panel press.

Making your own panels is tedious when using only clamps and not any other tools. The glue-up needs a lot of attention and a lot of (large) clamps. There must be some room for technical improvement. The requirements are: it has to be a massive and solid tool, and space in the workshop should be minimized to almost zero. The idea was to build a wall-mounted panel press: take some U-steel as frames, hydraulic jacks and some time, and then you are already done. We decided against some pipe clamps for two&one reasons: money, stability, and of course the pursue of our own ideas.



First try gluing some oak wood. The lower adjustable base also works perfectly for keeping the remaining wood.


The full pressure of the three jacks presses out the glue. Before this picture was taken the glue was wiped away. (After having taken the picture, more clamps were added.)