Converting a traditional shower with a shower tray into a barrier-free shower with a TECE drainline

Demolish the old shower

First of all the old shower tray and shower cubicle have to be removed. As the new shower is supposed to be at the same level as the floor of the bathroom, the lower tiles of the wall have to be removed, too. Unfortunately, the plasterboard removed from the wall. Thus, new plasterboards have to be sticked on the wall. To install the TECE drainline and to get the necessary descent for the water, parts of the floor screed have carefully to be removed, not to demolish the underfloor heating tubes.


Installing the TECE drainline and lay the screed

After the TECE drainline was evenly aligned and fixed with rapid cement the rapid screed can be layed and the missing pasterboards can be sticked to the wall and spackled.



One day later the rapid screed contains below two percent residual damp, the sealing with grey PCI Lastogum and PCI Pecitape can be applied. A second sealing with white PCI Lastogum is applied later.



Started tiling the wall and sticking a sealing tissue on the floor.


Finished tiling the wall and sealing the floor with white PCI Latogum a second time.


Tiling the floor with rapid tile adhesive, grouting the tiles and sealing the edges with silicone. We are done. Luckily the descent is sufficient that the water drains away without wet spots…